How to Choose the Right Duvet

How to Choose the Right Quilt

From light and fluffy goose down through to warm Australian wool, there is a quilt for every season and comfort preference. Find the right option for you with our Quilt Buying Guide.

How to choose the right quilt, doona, or duvetHow to choose the right quilt, doona, or duvet

With so many fills and weights to choose from, finding the right quilt can be confusing. Based on your warmth, weight, and fibre requirements, we're here to help you find the perfect quilt for you!

STAFF TIP: Mix and Match with our Combination Tie System

Our combination quilts are the perfect versatile option for all sleepers and seasons. The Seasons Australian Pure Wool Filled Quilt comes with 2 quilts included; one lightweight 4 TOG quilt and one warmer 7.5 TOG quilt. By combining both quilts you'll have an extra cosy and warm 11.5 TOG quilt - great for cold sleepers and those extra chilly nights in winter. As the weather gets warmer, simply use the lightweight 4 TOG quilt on its own for a lightweight layer. All of our Luxury Goose Down and Classic Goose Down Quilts also come complete with a combination tie system, making it easy to layer and swap out quilts depending on your temperature and comfort preferences.

Combination 2 in 1 QuiltsCombination 2 in 1 Quilts
Combination Quilts for All SeasonsCombination Quilts for All Seasons

Shop by Temperature Preference

One of the main things to consider when selecting the best quilt (or duvet or doona) is your temperature preference. Are you a hot sleeper? Cold sleeper? Do you live somewhere warm and humid or in a cooler climate? Choosing a quilt based on these factors will ensure you maintain a comfortable temperature and sleep soundly through the night.

TOG Ratings

All our natural-fill quilts come with a ‘TOG warmth rating’ to make choosing easy. A ‘TOG’ is an international standard used for measuring the warmth of a quilt. It’s the measure in units of the quilt’s thermal resistance – so the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the quilt.

Hungarian Goose Down TOG 10.5 Winter & Cold Sleepers
Thermal Wool TOG 9 Winter & Cold Sleepers
Luxury 80% Goose Down TOG 8.5 All Seasons
Classic Goose Down TOG 8.5 All Seasons
New Wool TOG 7  All Seasons
Platinum Duck Down TOG 6.5 All Seasons
All Seasons Wool TOG 4 + TOG 7.5 Combination Quilts
Cool Wool Cotton TOG 4.5 Summer & Hot Sleepers
Luxury Light Goose Down TOG 4 Summer & Hot Sleepers
Classic Light Goose Down TOG 4 Summer & Hot Sleepers
The Best Quilts for Summer and Hot SleepersThe Best Quilts for Summer and Hot Sleepers

The Best Quilt for Summer and Hot Sleepers

For those who find themselves getting too hot at night, we recommend a lightweight, absorbent, and breathable quilt. Materials that are great at providing this lightweight comfort are bamboo, wool cotton blends, light goose down, and cotton. Crafted with your temperature regulation in mind, our cool summer quilts will have you sleeping soundly despite the heat.

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The Best Quilt for Winter and Cold Sleepers

For cold sleepers requiring a little bit of extra warmth, or those looking for the warmest quilt for winter, we recommend goose down, duck down, microfibre, or wool fillings for quilts and duvets. These fill varieties are great at trapping in heat and keeping it close to the body, ensuring you stay cosy all night long. If in doubt check the TOG rating - the higher the TOG the warmer the quilt!

The Best Quilt for Winter and Cold SleepersThe Best Quilt for Winter and Cold Sleepers

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The Best Quilts for All Seasons

Our Cotton and Microfibre Quilts are both great options for year-round use, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter due to their natural temperature-regulating properties. Our light and airy duck and goose down and feather quilts are also great for any season or temperature preference, finished with combination ties so you can mix and match as desired.

All Seasons Wool QuiltAll Seasons Wool Quilt
Goose Down QuiltGoose Down Quilt

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Shop Quilts & Duvets by Fill

From luxurious goose down to lightweight & hypoallergenic bamboo, we offer quilts in a variety of fills to suit any comfort preference.

Cotton Quilts and Cotton DuvetsCotton Quilts and Cotton Duvets

Cotton Quilts

One of our most popular quilts, Cotton is simultaneously lightweight and cosy. An all-natural fibre, cotton is inherently breathable and absorbent, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the night. Naturally lightweight and an excellent conductor of heat, it is the perfect quilt filling for any season or temperature preference.

Wool Quilts

Wool quilts sit flatter and tend to feel heavier than goose down and microfibre quilts, making them ideal for cooler months and cold sleepers. Wool also has the ability to create a microclimate, helping regulate your body temperature and reducing hot spots. It is also breathable and absorbent, allowing you to stay cool in the summer months.

Wool Quilts and Wool DuvetsWool Quilts and Wool Duvets
Microfibre Duvets and QuiltsMicrofibre Duvets and Quilts

Microfibre Quilts

If the softness, lightweight feel, and warmth of goose down sounds like bliss but allergies are standing in your way, choose a Microfibre quilt. Microfibre quilts are filled with a polyester microfibre and are lightweight, have excellent loft, and can be used all year round. They are also machine washable, making them wonderfully easy to care for.

Bamboo Quilts

Our favourite eco-friendly quilt, Bamboo is environmentally sound to produce and is resistant to mould, dust, bacteria, and odours. It is also an excellent choice for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic. With less loft than other fibres, bamboo is perfect for those who live in warmer climates or for use during the summer months.

Bamboo QuiltBamboo Quilt
Down and Feather DuvetDown and Feather Duvet

Feather and Down Quilts

If you like a quilt that is luxuriously soft, light and fluffy, then a Duck Down or Goose Down quilt will have you instantly drifting away into an undisturbed slumber. Goose and Duck down quilts have warmth without weight. Being a natural fill, goose down is durable and able to breathe, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Quilts and DuvetsQuilts and Duvets

Browse our range of Quilts & Duvets (also known as doonas in Australia) online or in store to find the best quilt for you.