Fall in Love with Flannelette Bed Sheets and Pyjamas

The Benefits of Flannelette

Wonderfully soft and cosy, discover why flannelette is the perfect fabric for winter bed linen and pyjamas.

Flannelette BeddingFlannelette Bedding

Climbing into bed during winter should feel like a warm hug after a long day, not a cold plunge.

Rather than waiting for your sheets to warm up, invest in winter bed linen and pyjamas that are cosy from the get-go. Soft and snuggly, our brushed cotton flannelette possesses a beautiful plush texture to give you that warm fuzzy feeling as you drift off to sleep.

Flannelette CollectionFlannelette Collection
Flannelette Quilt Covers and SheetsFlannelette Quilt Covers and Sheets
Flannelette PyjamasFlannelette Pyjamas

What makes flannelette so warm?

Flannelette is crafted from cotton, a fabric that is known for its temperature regulating properties.

Being absorbent and breathable, cotton acts like a natural thermostat, absorbing heat from the body to keep you warm in winter (and cool in summer).

Building on these properties, our cotton flannelette is brushed to produce lots of tiny, insulating fibres. These fibres trap in warmth and keep it close to your body, helping you stay cosy throughout the night. 

 This technique also gives the fabric a comfortingly soft texture that feels incredibly cuddly and warm.

Flannelette SheetsFlannelette Sheets

The perfect winter sheets, quilt covers & pyjamas

There's nothing quite like snuggling up in cosy flannelette pyjamas and sheets on a cold night (or day... no judgement). Available in sheet sets, quilt covers and pyjamas, our flannelette fabric is not only soft to touch but versatile in terms of style.

Whether you prefer a plain dye design, nature inspired patterns, or playful prints, our flannelette collection has something to suit every taste. Treat yourself to new flannelette to keep warm and cosy this winter.

Flannelette SheetsFlannelette Sheets

Exclusive in-house designs

Each season our talented team in our Melbourne studio create a range of enchanting winter designs.

Hand sketched or painted, these designs feature everything from adorable animals such as dogs, cats, and Australian wildlife through to beautiful botanicals and patterned prints.

Flannelette SheetsFlannelette Sheets
Flannelette Quilt CoversFlannelette Quilt Covers

Our Morgan and Finch Flannelette Sheets come complete with flannelette pillowcases, a fitted flannelette sheet and a flat flannelette sheet, so your bed can be ready for winter in one quick shop. 

These sets are available in single through to king size so the whole family can sleep snug and sound.

Pair your flannelette sheets with a flannelette quilt cover and flannelette pyjamas to complete your winter bedroom style.