Winter Essentials

Our Favourite Winter Warmers

From snuggly layers to the cosiest pyjamas, discover our top product picks for a warmer winter at home.

Winter Warmers for HomeWinter Warmers for Home

The best thing about winter is getting super cosy, bundled up in all things soft and warm. For those looking to avoid running the heater non-stop, we’ve pulled together our favourite items to keep you snuggled up this winter.

Pyjamas and SlippersPyjamas and Slippers

In our humble opinion, the only logical thing to do when you get home in winter is change straight into pyjamas. If you already own flannelette pyjamas, we’re sure you’ll agree with us. Treat yourself by swapping out those jeans for soft, brushed cotton and cosy slippers for a snuggly night in.

Flannelette Pyjamas

We could rant about why we love flannelette pyjamas for days, but we’ll try to keep it brief. Not only are they available in a wide range of gorgeous colours and patterns (designed by our very own team) they are also the warmest fabric for winter. Brushed on both sides for that extra soft feel, flannelette retains warmth and keeps it close to your body, helping you stay cosy and sleep soundly all through the night.

Flannelette PyjamasFlannelette Pyjamas
Hot Water Bottles and Heat PacksHot Water Bottles and Heat Packs

Hot Water Bottles & Heat Packs

Nothing makes us feel calm and cared for quite like a hot water bottle. We all have memories of sore tummies and cold feet being soothed by their warmth, and these winter staples are still a family favourite for good reason. Whether you’re settling in on the couch or climbing into bed on a chilly night, a heat pack or hot water bottle is perfect for taking the edge off that winter chill.

Bedding Layers for WinterBedding Layers for Winter

Once you’ve finished up that last chapter or final episode, climb into bed and enjoy instant warmth. Our wide range of bedding, blankets, bedspreads, and throws are designed to easily layer so you can find the perfect combination and level of warmth for you.

Start by getting the basics right with a mattress topper or wool underblanket for snuggly winter luxury. Add on flannelette sheets (of course) and a warm winter quilt or duvet and you’re off to a flying start! Next up, indulge in a wool blanket, a lightly quilted bedspread or coverlet, and maybe even a throw for unparalleled warmth to see you through the season.

Winter Blankets and ThrowsWinter Blankets and Throws

When it comes to textures and fabrics, we have a few personal favourites for winter. First up – fur. Our collection of faux fur throws, cushions, coverlets, slippers, and hot water bottles are so luxuriously soft and cosy you’ll find yourself stroking them for no apparent reason. They also add a beautiful textured look to any bed or sofa, making you want to hibernate immediately.

Another favourite is our sherpa fabric. Rivalling wool or fleece in texture and warmth, our sherpa range includes throws, blankets, and wearable hooded blankets that feel like a big warm hug on a cold winter’s night.

… And of course we're obsessed with flannelette, but you already knew we’d say that.