What is thread count

Sheet Thread Count Explained: What is thread count and why does it matter?

With so many fabrics, blends, and weaves out there, buying bed sheets can be a little bit confusing. But one term seems to get thrown around the most: thread count. But what is a thread count for sheets, and why does it matter?

What is a thread count?What is a thread count?

What does thread count mean?

The thread count of a fabric is determined by the number of threads woven together within a specified area. This consists of both vertical threads (warp) and horizontal threads (weft). In Australia, the thread count reflects the threads counted within a 10cm square. This count is used as an indicator of fabric weight and fabric softness.

Does a higher thread count mean better quality?

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count the more dense the sheet, resulting in a heavier drape. A higher thread count sheet isn't necessarily 'better' than a lower thread count sheet. The best thread count for you, and what can be considered 'high quality sheets', will also depend on other factors like fabric quality, fibre length, type of weave, and your personal preferences surrounding weight, temperature, and softness.

Our sheet and quilt cover collection includes thread counts ranging from 250 through to 1200. While higher thread count sheets may be considered more luxurious, a low thread count doesn't necessarily mean your sheet set is lower quality. In fact, it could mean your sheet set feels wonderfully lightweight and crisp. There are benefits for higher and lower thread count options depending on personal preference. There is no magic number.

Sheet Thread Count ExplainedSheet Thread Count Explained
The Best Thread Count for SheetsThe Best Thread Count for Sheets

What thread count is best for sheets?

Thread count isn't the only determining factor when it comes to good quality sheets. The quality of the yarn is also important. Finer yarns like Egyptian Cotton, made from longer threads (or long staple fibres) can result in more durable, premium fabrics. This, coupled with a high thread count, can result in a higher quality feel; often associated with 'hotel luxury'. A sateen weave can also lend itself to a smoother, more lustrous feel.

However, higher thread count sheets (eg. 1200 TC) tend to offer a heavier drape - which doesn't appeal to all tastes. With this in mind, a high-to-mid range thread count (600 to 800) may be the sweet spot if you're looking for a durable yet soft sheet. Our Carlson Royale sheet set is a customer and staff favourite for this reason.

What is a good thread count? What's the difference between high and low thread count?

Lower thread count sheets (200 – 300 thread count) are usually crisp, light, and cool. Medium thread count sheets (300 – 500 thread count) tend to feel light and soft. Higher thread count sheets (500 – 1000 thread count and 1200 thread count) usually have a fuller drape and more decadent feel due to the higher density of yarn in the fabric.

Sheet Thread Count ExplainedSheet Thread Count Explained

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Choose the perfect thread count for your sheet set

Beautiful cotton sheet sets can go a long way in getting a better night's sleep and improving your sleep health. Along with thread count, cotton fibres and weave type can vary to result in a completely different feel. If you're buying sheets and getting bogged down in plain weave, sateen weave, yarns, blends and other materials, explore our Sheet Buying Guide to create your dream bed.