Finding the Best Winter Duvet

Finding the Best Quilt for Winter

Starting to feel the chill? Snuggle up with our collection of quilts for winter and cold sleepers. From fluffy goose down to natural Australian wool, discover the benefits of each fill and fabric to find the perfect winter quilt for you.

Winter Quilts and Winter DuvetsWinter Quilts and Winter Duvets

Which Quilt or Duvet is best for winter?

The best winter quilt (also known as a winter doona or winter duvet) will come down to your personal warmth and comfort preferences. Whether you're looking for the warmest quilt available, dream of sleeping in a light and fluffy cloud, require a breathable and hypoallergenic option, or are prone to overheating, our collection of winter and trans-seasonal quilts will have something for you. But how to choose?

To cover all bases, we have selected four temperature-retaining fibres that are perfect for crafting winter quilts: Wool, Down & Feather, Cotton, and Microfibre.

First thing's first: What is a TOG warmth rating?

All our natural-fill quilts come with a ‘TOG warmth rating’ to make choosing easy. A ‘TOG’ is an international standard used for measuring the warmth of a quilt. It’s the measure in units of the quilt’s thermal resistance – so the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the quilt.

Hungarian Goose Down TOG 10.5 Winter & Cold Sleepers
Thermal Wool TOG 9 Winter & Cold Sleepers
Luxury 80% Goose Down TOG 8.5 All Seasons
Classic Goose Down TOG 8.5 All Seasons
New Wool TOG 7  All Seasons
Platinum Duck Down TOG 6.5 All Seasons
All Seasons Wool TOG 4 + TOG 7.5 Combination Quilts
Cool Wool Cotton TOG 4.5 Summer & Hot Sleepers
Luxury Light Goose Down TOG 4 Summer & Hot Sleepers
Classic Light Goose Down TOG 4 Summer & Hot Sleepers

Option 1: Wool Quilts

The ultimate renewable resource, wool is a natural fibre and insulator. Being breathable and absorbent, our wool quilts regulate your body temperate and allow for even warmth, resulting in a comfortable sleeping environment. They sit flatter and have more drape than our lighter quilt varieties, making them perfect for the cooler months and cold sleepers.

All Seasons Wool QuiltAll Seasons Wool Quilt

Cotton House All Seasons Wool Quilt

4 TOG Rating Quilt + 7.5 TOG Rating Quilt included

Australian Pure New Wool Filling

Flexibility to combine or separate two quilts for year-round comfort

Cotton Percale Casing


Cotton House Wool Thermal Quilt

9 TOG Warmth Rating

Warm, breathable and resilient

500gsm Australian Wool Filling



Thermal Wool QuiltThermal Wool Quilt
Australian Wool QuiltAustralian Wool Quilt

Morgan & Finch New Wool Quilt

7 TOG Warmth Rating

Warm, breathable and resilient

100% Australian Wool Quilt



Option 2: Down and Feather Quilts

Goose Down Quilts and Duck Down Quilts are a luxurious option for staying warm while enjoying the light and fluffy feel of a high-loft duvet. Super soft and cosy, our goose down quilts are filled with a mixture of goose feather and goose down, resulting in beautiful warmth and a cocooning, lightweight feel. 

For cold sleepers or those wanting to snuggle up through winter, a goose down and feather quilt can absorb body heat and help you retain a comfortable body temperature overnight. They also come in a variety of down to feather ratios and weights, allowing you to find the perfect quilt for your temperature and comfort preferences. 

The higher the percentage of down, the lighter the quilt. All options (except the Hungarian Goose Down Quilt) come with a combination tie system so that two quilts of varying TOG ratings can be tied together to create more loft and warmth when required.

Morgan & Finch Classic 40% Goose Down Quilt

8.5 Tog Warmth Rating

40% minimum Goose Down

Soft, warm and resilient


Box Construction Stitching

Goose Down QuiltGoose Down Quilt
Luxury Goose Down DuvetLuxury Goose Down Duvet

Morgan & Finch Luxury 80% Goose Down Quilt

8.5 Tog Warmth Rating

80% minimum Goose Down

Luxuriously soft, warm, light and resilient


Box Construction Stitching

Morgan & Finch Hungarian 80% Goose Down Quilt

10.5 Tog Warmth Rating

Our warmest quilt!

80% minimum Hungarian Goose Down

Unrivalled loft and warmth

Silk like Egyptian Cotton Sateen Casing

Box Construction Stitching

Hungarian Goose Down QuiltHungarian Goose Down Quilt
Duck Down and Feather QuiltDuck Down and Feather Quilt

Morgan & Finch Platinum 80% Duck Down Quilt

6.5 Tog Rating

80% Minimum Down

Luxuriously soft and light


Down-proof Cotton Japara Casing

Option 3: Microfibre Quilts

Our Microfibre quilts are designed for those who want the look and feel of feather and down, but for allergy reasons are unable to enjoy feather filled products. The microfibre quilt is lightweight, has excellent loft, and can be used all year round. It is also easy to care for, simply requiring a hand wash or machine wash and regular airing.

Morgan & Finch Microfibre Quilt

8.5 Tog Warmth Rating

40% minimum Goose Down

Soft, warm and resilient


Box Construction Stitching

Microfibre QuiltMicrofibre Quilt

Option 4: Cotton Quilts

Cotton is a popular choice for all types of bed linen and bedding due to its durability, moisture-wicking properties and temperature regulating capabilities. As a fibre, cotton has a high absorbency rate and its unique fibre structure allows it to breathe easily. A good conductor of heat, it keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter, making it a great option for all seasons. 

In saying this, if you consider yourself a cold sleeper or in need of extra warmth, our cotton quilt possesses slightly less loft than other fibres, meaning it's often better suited to people who live in warmer climates. 

Cotton QuiltCotton Quilt

Morgan & Finch All Cotton Quilt

Soft, breathable, and lightweight


Temperature Regulating

Box-stitched construction


Trans-Seasonal Quilts for Year Round Use

If you're looking for the perfect option to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, our selection of breathable, trans seasonal quilts will allow you to get a good night's sleep all year round.

Bedding BasicsBedding Basics

Get cosy with your new winter quilt!

For more tips and tricks on finding the right quilt for you, check out our Quilt Buying Guide or head in store to chat to one of our friendly staff members.