Winter Vibrance: Add Warmth with Colour

Winter Vibrance: Add Warmth with Colour

As the days get colder and darker, inject warmth into your home with bursts of bright, mood-boosting colour. Discover our Winter Vibrance collection and bring warmth and positivity into every space.

Myrtleford Quilt CoverMyrtleford Quilt Cover

Adding Colour to your Bedroom

Whether your bedroom is predominantly neutral or classically white, small pops of colour can go a long way in bringing personality and vibrance into the space.

From lightly patterned sheets through to bold printed quilt covers, our collection of bed linen includes unique and exciting designs to introduce a splash of colour and a feeling of freshness.

Bright blocks of colour, contrast piping, varying patterns and layers of texture come together to create a coordinated yet playful look. Finished with vibrant accent cushions and throws, your bedroom can become the happy place of your dreams.

Chester Quilt CoverChester Quilt Cover
Wythe Waffle Bath Towel Periwinkle BlueWythe Waffle Bath Towel Periwinkle Blue

Adding Colour to your Bathroom

Most modern bathrooms are the perfect blank canvas for playing around with bright and inviting interior styles. With simple tiled surfaces and blank walls, splashes of colour can really sing. Turn your minimalist space into a vibrant escape with towels and bathroom accessories that excite.

Whether you opt for a monochromatic style with bright block colours or a maximalist look with contrasting shades and textures, it’s easy to revamp your bathroom with a few simple additions.

Looking Good Bath MatLooking Good Bath Mat
Sadie Ceramic VaseSadie Ceramic Vase

Adding Colour to your Table

Serve up some style with dining sets, napery, and table linen designed to elevate everyday dining and special occasions. Coordinating stylised florals with vibrant stripes or checks can create an eclectic and fun look while still maintaining a sense of balance.

Whether you’re creating an elaborate tablescape to impress your guests or styling a simple setting for an afternoon treat, experimenting with colour and pattern will make your table feel memorable, fun, and warm – no matter the season.

Meadow PitcherMeadow Pitcher
Mia Ceramic VaseMia Ceramic Vase

Adding Colour to your Home Décor

Creating a unique and inviting living space is easy with eye-catching vases, pots, cushions, throws and wall art. If you’re looking to make a statement, bold geometric patterns, glazed ceramics, and colour blocked glassware bring warmth and textural contrast. This depth works to draw the eye and pull you further into the space, resulting in an inviting aesthetic packed full of personality. 

Playing with colours in different hues with a similar tone or vibrancy is an easy way to style a range of colours, both warm and cool, in a way that feels cohesive and calm.

Styling pastels with pastels or bright saturated colours with other bright colours will generally result in a harmonious colour scheme. Similarly, hues with a cool or grey undertone will generally work together, as will those with a warm or creamy undertone.

Winter Vibrance CollectionWinter Vibrance Collection
Winter Vibrance CollectionWinter Vibrance Collection

Lastly, giving the eye a place to rest is important when styling your interiors. Balance bright colours and patterns with natural textures and neutral blocks of colour to bring the look back down to earth.

Looking for more inspiration?

While we may naturally associate the winter months with cool or dark shades of grey and blue, adding splashes of warm and bright colour can transform any space into an inviting and cosy oasis. Even in the dreariest of weather, your home can feel uplifting and cosy with some slight changes to your colour palette.

View our Winter Vibrance Editorial for more inspiration, or shop the collection to get the look.