Tips for getting a good night's sleep

Relaxation Rituals: The Art of Slow Living

Creating a relaxing wind down routine is the perfect way to ensure your mind and body are ready for a great night's sleep. To help you get a few extra hours rest, we've listed some of our favourite relaxation rituals. 

Creating a relaxing wind down routine is the perfect way to ensure your mind and body are ready for a long, restful night’s sleep. To help you get a few extra winks and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, we’ve listed some of our favourite nightly rituals.Disconnect To switch off mentally, sometimes we need to physically switch off our devices.  Taking time away from the screen can help calm the mind after a hectic day, allowing you to ease into a sleepy state before bed. Activities like curling up with a good book, gentle exercise like walking or yoga, meditation, and spending time with loved ones are great for bringing calm and quiet to a busy mind.Fill your cup Each day we find calm in small, often unacknowledged acts of mindfulness.  Whether that’s sipping on a hot cup of tea, watering your plants, or going through the motions of your daily skincare routine, these familiar and comforting activities can shift your mood and bring you back to the present.

We firmly believe it’s impossible to wind down in jeans. After a long day, nothing helps that transition into ‘me-time’ like a long bath or shower and your favourite pair of pyjamas. For that extra touch of relaxation and luxury, wrap yourself up in your fluffiest robe and transport yourself to a day spa at home. Top it all off with soft blankets, throws, and cushions for snuggling up on the couch before bed. Set the Scene Creating a space that feels relaxed and inviting is the perfect way to trick the mind into winding down. The dimming of a room as the sun sets can act as a signal to our internal clock that it’s time to rest. Letting natural light stream in or filling your room with the gentle flicker of candlelight can elicit feelings of safety, warmth, and calm; reminding our bodies that it’s time to rest. A calming routine will only get you so far without the bedding to support it. We all sleep differently, so it’s important to spend a little bit of time learning your comfort preferences.  Are you a hot sleeper? Cold Sleeper? Do you like feeling cocooned and cosy, or do you prefer a lightweight feel? What materials feel nice on your skin?  Ask yourself these questions and find the best quilt, sheet set, and pillow to suit your needs.Get that fresh Sheet Feeling  There’s nothing better than climbing into bed and wrapping yourself up in fresh, clean sheets. Establishing a weekly routine of washing and remaking your bed will allow you to regularly enjoy the comfort of crisp sheets. Investing is sheets crafted from quality fabrics like Egyptian Cotton, Bamboo, or French Flax Linen will ensure that your sheets maintain their softness over time, feeling good as new wash after wash.