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What makes Egyptian Cotton so special?

The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Bath Towels

If you’re at all familiar with Egyptian Cotton, you’ll probably know it’s synonymous with luxury and quality. However, you may not know why. Here’s a little run down of the benefits of Egyptian Cotton, what makes it special, and how to know if it’s the right choice for you.

What are the Main Benefits of Egyptian Cotton?

  • Luxurious Softness
  • Premium Lustre
  • Temperatue Regulation
  • Durability / Longevity
  • Pill-Resistance 
  • Breathability & Absorbency

What is Egyptian Cotton?

You guessed it – Egyptian Cotton is grown in Egypt on the Nile Delta. Egypt has the perfect growing conditions for cotton due to its climate and nutrient-rich soil, producing strong, long-staple fibres. This in turn means that finer, more durable, and luxurious textiles can be woven using this cotton variety – believed to be of the highest quality in the world.

Our Egyptian Cotton products are tested and certified by the Cotton Egypt Association to ensure that we are supplying the finest quality possible.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

What is so special about Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton has an unmistakably luxurious feel because of its long-staple fibres, producing a softer and longer-lasting fabric. Along with softness and durability, it is also known for its beautiful lustre and absorbent capabilities, making it perfect for producing luxury bedding and soft, fluffy towels.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

What are the benefits of Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets?

There are many benefits to Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Perhaps most obviously, they feel incredibly soft and comfortable; creating a luxury hotel feel right at home. Egyptian Cotton is also strong and long-lasting, so your sheets will stand the test of time and continue to get better with age. Lastly, Egyptian Cotton allows air to pass through and is super breathable, meaning it is a great option for year-round use.

Egyptian Bed Sheets

What are the benefits of Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels?

Woven using the finest grade certified Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton pile, our Egyptian Indulgence, Egyptian Luxury, and Egyptian Bliss towels are luxurious, soft, and highly absorbent.

Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton is a specific form of Egyptian Cotton which is grown near the Nile River, giving it special characteristics due to the unique environmental conditions. All Giza cotton is hand-picked which helps keep the cotton cleaner and results in a longer and stronger fibre. When all these factors are combined, the result is a beautiful towel that will outlast all others in longevity and performance.

Egyptian Towels

Is Egyptian Cotton Better than Regular Cotton?

The fibre length of Egyptian Cotton is a major part of why it is largely considered superior to standard cotton or other materials. Yarns that have been crafted from shorter fibres have a higher risk of snagging, pilling, or forming holes than those with longer fibres. They can also have a rougher feel due to small protruding fibres. Conversely, the long fibres that form Egyptian Cotton yarns are smooth and work together to form a strong, durable surface that is luxuriously soft.

In saying this, not all Egyptian Cotton is guaranteed to be superior to standard cotton. It is important to ensure you are purchasing Certified Egyptian Cotton to guarantee that the fabric is crafted from long-staple fibres.

Hotel Sheets

Why Should I Choose Egyptian Cotton? Is Egyptian Cotton Worth It?

Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Towels will be with you for the long-haul. If you are looking for bedding and bath towels that are durable and will retain their quality over time, Egyptian Cotton is well and truly worth the investment. On top of this, its soft feel will add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your day to day, so why not treat yourself?

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